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Packaging deals with the nature of the container/wrapper, its size, shape, color and the message printed on it. It represents the talents of the various specialists viz. researcher, designer, engineer, marketer and others. The packaging of a product may also attract the attention of the consumers at the very first sight if its features appear to be attractive. The marketers need to take care of these marketing aspects also. The usual features of packaging are the following:

  1. The container should be strong so that it can stand the strain of transportation and handling. It should be strong also to ensure a long shelf-life.
  2. While being strong, it should avoid being too heavy so that it remains easy to handle and inexpensive on freight.
  3. Over and above the usual features, the packaging should also have certain features from the marketing angle, as a well-designed packaging is often described as the silent sales representative. These marketing features of packaging are as follows:
    • It must advertise the brand and the manufacturer.
    • It must be distinctive and capable of ‘differentiating’ the product.
    • It must be suitable for display.
    • It must be helpful in identifying the product.
    • It must carry the brand name, brand/trademark and all the other required information.
    • It must be attractive.
    • It must be so designed as to add convenience for carrying and handling the product.
    • It should require the minimum shelf space.
    • The colors and the material used for outer packaging must not create any socially or psychologically bad image about the product.
  4.  Packaging must be capable of keeping intact the hygiene of the product for its shelf life. However, due care must be taken as an overenthusiastic approach may lead to cost over-runs as packaging has a direct bearing on the product cost. Therefore, the cost aspect of packaging should be strictly controlled so that the product may not be overpriced.

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