brand strategy

The core task of an efficient brand strategy for us is the creation of new experiences: Products have to appeal to consumers on multi-sensory levels and communicate the promises made by the brand. 

At OAC we specialize in harmonizing brands and people, by developing products that inspire. Product or brand development strategy carries in itself developing new products or modifying already existing ones so making them appear new and offering those products to current or a new market. Offering modifications to the existing product will increase interest towards the product and thus generate higher sales. Repositioning is about modification of consumer perception of a product or service relative to competitive products or services. It is necessary when the preferences of the market shift. Repositioning is affected by the particular change in marketing mix in response to changes in the marketplace.

step 1. discover

Product development is a crucial stage that many companies have to go through. A lot of facts should be taken into consideration while developing new products, modified existing products or repositioning. The first is to analyze customers’ tastes and their willingness to buy a particular product. Companies have to make it right the first time or they will have to face increased costs, lost sales, lost time, and lost share of the market. The outcome of this process can actually bring huge success or failure to a company, thus affecting its future performance in the market.

step 2. design

OAC Design employs an experienced team of consultants who are building efficient, reliable and quality teams for successful completion of each task. The detailed actions being taken include: Multilateral product development; Business research conduction for identification of product development strategy; Developing brand awareness creative tactics – making a product/brand recognizable; Increasing occasions for use; Making a recalled brand – linking need to the product/brand; Bringing in new customers – attracting new segment of customers; Differentiate brand/product from competitors; Making brand contemporary.

step 3. develop

In the case of right product/brand development, strategy and repositioning will positively impact the organization’s performance. Organization will reach new customer segments, thus increasing the spectrum of operation and acquire higher market share. Right strategies will influence the organization’s future performance in the market, by determining success or failure of the performed activities. Financial issues will be totally dependent on the success of strategies.