moBE is a mobile, height-adjustable personal table and lectern that allows people to freely transition from seated to standing postures at their leisure, stimulating physical activity, comfort and productivity in individual and group settings. With a work surface large enough for your laptop moBE is designed to support a full range of learning and teaching styles and is perfect for, lounges, libraries, classrooms, and flexible workspaces.


Designed to integrate seamlessly into collaborative offices and work environments, moBE brings functionality and performance to the modern workplace.


Personal Table


Mobile Lectern


Compact Design


A powder-coated aluminum panel with modern profile partially reveals laminated or wood-veneer base. Adjustable-height hardware allows work surface to raise from 29” to 38” inches. The collapsible, flat-fold design feature allows for easy transport and efficient storage. moBE is available in a variety of colors with locking and non-locking castor options.

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