February 3, 2018 ordoabchao

VRLA is back! And hopefully with some vengeance. Last year was pioneering. If you missed it last year, you do not want to miss it again. OAC Design had the opportunity to be in the house with all of the new and pioneering VR / AR companies that are set to take the World by storm with all of their amazing and innovative new products and technologies. The event is definitely worth going to and exploring all the possibilities of sexier and more efficient product design and user friendly applications.

“Entrepreneurial limitations are undeniable obstacles from driven talent, capital, marketing, resources… OAC Design believes that discovering the efficiencies is mandatory.”

Check out our Exploration into the future. Let us know if you see any thing worth improving. =)


Older gent enjoying the positron pod chair

Lovely 360 Camera to capture the body’s full range motions,, creating 3D images.

Radiant Images dope camera. Inspired by a soccer ball. (where is the heart eye emoji when you need it?)

Spectators eager to see the Intel Experience.

Oh the wonderful things one could do with this technology? The possibilities are endless. The World is your hands (all pun intended).

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Big Kids Playing 😎

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